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With the flu season upon us, licensees are reminded that outbreaks of influenza or acute viral gastroenteritis ("stomach flu") are a particularly serious problem in residential care facilities where residents are at high risk of developing serious complications or dying due to their age and/or health problems. A virus can spread rapidly in a residential care facility and result in hospitalizations and deaths. Licensees should contact their local health department immediately in the event of an outbreak of influenza or the stomach flu in their facility.

Stomach Flu

Department of Health Services Information/Guidelines
Stomach Flu Information/Guidelines Adapted for Licensed Residential Community Care Facilities
Special Note: "Stomach flu" (viral gastroenteritis) is caused by norovirus. "Norovirus outbreaks" are outbreaks of the stomach flu.


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Influenza Information/Recommendations Adapted for Licensed Residentail Communinty Care facilities

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